Monday, September 1, 2014

Fort Popham and Reid State Parks

Today starts a series on all the State Parks we visited over the summer. Most days we hit more than one in a day. Most of the park are on the coast and since we live in western Maine it is a full days trip to go anywhere on the coast, hence we squeeze in as much as we can.

Reid State Park

We went there first to swim. There is a nice, sandy, long beach at Reid State. They also have rinse off showers and flush toilet. Out by the parking lot there is picnic tables and charcoal grills. The really neat feature of Reid State is that there is a tidal, shallow, bay/inlet/not sure what the term is pool for the little ones to splash in. Plus, if your little on is terrified of waves it is a good place to take them.

Stomper and Jason were able to do a little exploring on rocks, I think we need to explore tide pools closer to when high tide is leaving so that they can find some creatures.

Fort Popham

Yes, his lips are blue. The ice cream truck came by and we got him a treat

The parking can be terrible, but it is worth it if you like to explore forts. Most of the fort is accessible to walk through and the stairs are open so that you can go up to the second floor. It really amazes me the construction of the forts and how they were built to withstand attack.

The Fort would be a good place to have a picnic. There is a lot of grass on the inside, lots or room for little ones to run!

Sometimes you can seals out the windows of the forts. There are a few picnic tables, benches, and a small beach there too. The toilet is a chemical/out house and was terrible. Bring some hand sanitizer!

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