The Hambergs

"Bergs" Dad & Mom

"Hamberg" is a made-up family name from combining our two last names. Februrary of 2012 we decided enough talking and it was time to combine the two families and start some farm dreams.

Otherwise known as Dad, Mom, and Little Sister bought the remains of the Webb Farm which included 15 acres of woods, swamp, mud pond, two pear trees, various maple trees, some medium bush blueberries and more lawn than they wished to mow.

They were unsure how to proceed next so adopted a rabbit, a horse, two ducks (now since deceased), several cats, a few pet rodents, and the family dog. Even with the horse eating up the lawn they felt there still was too much to mow. They started a garden and wound up with more pumpkins then they could manage.

Little Sister with her "dog" Rusty
Now though they could see how having a family farm could be good for the wallet. If they could grow enough to cut their food bill in half, it would be more than worth it. Which of course led to more thoughts of meat, the largeness of cows, the annoyance of goats (they tried meat goats one year), and the messiness of de-feathering, what animal is left? After many hours on yotube Jim found a solution: meat rabbits. A rabbit was purchased, eaten and declared delicious.

The Bergs now had their plan: they would grow a garden, keep a few chickens for eggs, and raise and eat rabbits for meat. Unfortunately no one could quit their day job. Jim would keep his retail job, Nancy would keep the in-home daycare, Ben would continue to work his job, and Little Sister would go to high school so who was left to do the work?
"Hams" Jason, Stomper, and Delia
Jason, upon hearing the plight of the Bergs, said he'd love to help with rabbits in exchange for some meat. Since he had married the Bergs oldest daughter, they agreed to let him. More hours were spent in front of yotube watching and learning about rabbits and excitement grew.

Then disaster: the furnace broke, some pipes were busted, and the Hams moved in with the Bergs temporarily while things were sorted out. Three weeks later it was remarked: "We like you living here, you like you living here, we have room for you living here, running a farm will be easier with you living here, so why don't you just live here?" Jason had just taken a local job (he had been traveling an hour one-way to work), Delia rejoined the daycare after taking time off when their son was born, and they were putting their house on the market anyway so the time seemed "just right" to join the families together. February 2012 the "Hams" moved in with their 18 month old son, a Pomeranian, and two barn cats.

The house is full: full of people, full of animals, full of hope, full of expectations, and full of love. We are excited to share our adventure with you!

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