Thursday, April 2, 2015

Baby Knits

At first I was knitting rather slowly. I was hoping for a girl, but preparing for a boy. I bought some neutral colored yarn and made a sweater and hat.
Pattern: Sock Hat

Pattern: Newborn Vertebrae 

Now that I know we are having a girl, however, list has grown!

Just off the needles:

Pattern: Seventh

On the needles:

Composite   -- I may be buying this pattern (the newborn size is free) so that I came make Elle and Our Sweetie matching sweater t-shirts.

Next on the needles:

Nursery Baby in a Bunny Suit (hands down the best doll ever!)
Mary Jane Booties
Maile Sweater
All Seasons Cardy

Just a few things! And the list in order. The Doll is HIGH priority, but I will first need to buy the right yarn. I think I am going to get wool this time. I haven't knit a doll in wool, but I think it is time and my girl deserves a bit of spoiling!

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