Thursday, April 23, 2015

24 Weeks

To be honest these photos are about a week old, but its close enough.

She is definitely growing and people are noticing her. I am adjusting better to my more rounder body. Wearing clothes that shows her off helps. I still have a hard time when I see my weight at the doctors office, but I know it is for a good cause!

I have been diagnosed with chronic hypertension. It is not bad enough to warrant any medicine, but enough that it has the doctors concern. One way that they ensure that the baby is still doing all right is to do monthly ultra sounds to check her growth and amniotic fluid, so we will get to see her more! I am trying to not stress about being hypertensive (which is counter productive). I heard a great tip at a women's conference about worry. Every time you worry, pray about it, every time. It  keeps me in constant contact with my Savior!

My sister-in-law had her baby (a girl) over the week-end in the same hospital and room as Stomper! Being there reminded Jason and I how much we enjoyed our stay there. After talking with the nurse manager we decided to switch hospitals. The biggest draw for me is  that at the new hospital you can pick who delivers you (as long as the doctor is not on vacation, out of town, or sick when you go in). At the other hospital you get what you get and you try not to get upset if it is a doctor you don't like. Plus, with my hypertension I'd like to be cared for by just one doctor, one doctor who knows my history inside and out.

She is moving all the time! Just yesterday I started feeling her while standing up. Before yesterday I only felt her when I was sitting or laying down. It has got to be the most awesome feeling in the world. A few days ago Jason was able to feel her too. I cannot wait until her kicks are strong enough for Stomper to feel.

Stomper held his new baby cousin on his own, I was right  there of course. He loved rocking her and singing to her, she  just stared at him as if memorizing his face. He is going to be a great big-brother to a newborn.

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