Monday, June 1, 2009

Anniversary Trip 2009

For our Anniversary we went to Six Flags in MA. I had asked Jason last year to take me someplace where I could go on a roller coaster but we did not have time/money to go. This year Jason and I were going to go to Fun town in Maine, but at last minute Jason changed his mind and took me to where the BIG coasters are! He booked a hotel (The Econo) that had a whirlpool tub in the room so that I could have a soak (500 sq feet of apartment and no tub!) at a reasonable price and we were off!
We took the "long way" to MA. We went by way of VT and drove through some mountains on the very senic route 2.
It was great to have him all to myself in the car. We chatted about nothing and enjoyed each others company.
On Monday we went to Six Flags. We had so much fun. We only went on 4 rides but we were there all day. The sun just cooked all the energy out of us.
Bizzaro was by far my favorite ride. Jason bravely joined me on the very tall ride (he's not a fan of heights). It was fast and awesome and scary! I could have rode it a hundred times if I thought I could walk the next day.
I bet you are wondering about the odd picture at the beginning of this post. We were walking around in the park and Jason turns to me and says: "Since the first anniversary is the Paper Anniversary I thought we'd get one of those drawings done since it's done on paper."
Isn't he a genius? I love my hubby!
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So the eating style is coming around good. I haven't weighed myself yet so I don't know what my starting weight even is! I plan on doing that tomorrow. My mom was telling me that she can't eat carbs because of the "let down" when the carbs/sugar leaves the system. I believed her but didn't think much of it.

Last week I ate a steak bomb which was surrounded in bread and smothered in cheese. That night I was very cranky. I don't eat carbs anymore because of what it does to me. That make "dieting" much easier.

I put a bag of almonds by the computer so I would snack on them insted of junk food like chips or prezles or cereal. That is helping too because I get full. Jason has been really great about getting on board with this eating plan. He has been very supportive!


Instead of getting out of debt, Jason and I decided to buy a car. *lol* However, the loan in 3.38% for 2.5 years so as far as loans go itsn't not horrible.

The new car is a 2005 Chevy Impala and I LOVE it! It drives and rides like a dream!


I just found out that a couple who were married on the same day as us are pregnant. That makes the count 4. Jason and I are holding off on testing or anything because I just can't take it anymore. I need a break. August will make a year and then we will be calling a Doc.

Vinnie Before and After

Every year Vinnie gets a hair cut. Here is why.
1. Vinnie is a "low rider" he is very low to the ground and sometimes the grass gets very high. The first thing in the morning when he goes outside to potty or say we are at camp he gets very wet and unhappy.
2. He often gets bits of twigs, leaves, and burrs from bushes stuck in his fluff
3. He hates to get brushed and so he gets mats that I have to cut out.
4. Sometimes his "poo" gets stuck in his fur and I have to cut it out. :(
5. He gets very hot in the sun at camp
6. It's easier to find ticks without so much hair
7. He just looks so handsome!
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