Sunday, March 11, 2012


It all started with the pipes. Well, honestly it started before then. It started at the beginning of winter when we realized that no matter how we budgeted our money we would never have enough check left at the end of the month. We prayed. I took on a very part time job working with my mother, Jason took a part time job at a store (in addition to his full time job at the jail), and still we didn't have enough. We considered having me find full time employment and considered what that would do to our family. We prayed. We asked ourselves: How much do we want to work to keep the house? Do we want to work and be away from home and our son in order to keep our house? Which was worth more to us: Owning a house, or a strong family bond? We prayed for guidance and direction. We apologized to the mortgage company for making a promise that we couldn't keep, and through negotiation agreed to sell the house. In the meantime they told us we could remain in the house, at least through the winter. We continued to pray. 
Once the decision was made to sell the house it opened up some opportunities. Jason had been keeping his eyes and ears open for a new line of work. He wasn't enjoying his job as a Corrections Officer. He took a job working at a factory making and packing plastic silverware only two miles from where my parents lived (and I was working part time) and forty-five minutes closer to home. We hoped with this change that he'd be able to volunteer at a camp near-by, be more involved at church, and possibly go to college. We kept our eyes and ears open for a new place to live. Both of our parents offered for us to live with them, we thanked them for their offers and told them we'd think on it.

Then disaster: the furnace broke, some pipes were busted, and we were forced to move in with my parents (who had the most space) temporarily while we sorted out all the issues. Three weeks later it was remarked: "We like you living here, you like you living here, we have room for you living here, so why don't you just live here?"

That was over a month ago. 

We have moved in. There is now four adults, one teen, one toddler, one small dog, one rabbit, one horse, five cats, and more animals on the way.

We are so excited to be living together. Stomper is showered in love, I get to bake and cook and never clean up (Mom likes to clean), Jason has places to do "things", my Mom gets the help she needs in the daycare, and my Dad gets the encouragement he needs to follow through with his projects.

Now that we are all living together we have started a new adventure....

Farming! You can read all about our new adventure here.


  1. That was beautifully put. Isn't it funny, well funny strange not laugh out loud funny how we feel as though we need to make excuses for why our families live together. It makes perfect sense to me. lol (Says the woman who's daughter, son-in-law, and grandson live with her.) It makes perfect sense in these hard economic times. It helps tremendously when you get along and have similar beliefs and goals for your individual families. I think the hard part is to let the families blend but to let them be separate as well. Your parents seem to do this effortlessly. I still need work at it. I think the big difference is yours and Serena's age. Also you have been out of the house and on your own and Serena never has. That being said I think I will cut myself some slack. and I will end this comment by saying I am extremely proud of both of you for making the somewhat humbling but incredibly wise decision to move in with your folks. Enjoy each others company while you can.
    Love your cuz,

    1. Thanks Mary! It wasn't an easy decision to make, but I am glad that we did.

  2. a brave decision in a difficult reality. glad you are enjoying time with family! i miss my own parents terribly esp with a new little one, and wish I could convince them to pack up and move to US :o) A decade ago I never would have predicted that I'd feel this way--not because I didn't love them, but because I just didn't have as much appreciation for what they'd mean to my own family, or for how SHORT time is... I just didn't know!


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