Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fun with Leftovers: Mock Stroganoff

Two days ago I put a frozen roast in the crock pot with some Worcestershire sauce, a chopped up onion, and a generous amount of garlic powder. I turned it on before 7:30am and for a few hours I left it on high until the roast completely thawed and started cooking. Then I turned it down to low and didn't eat it until 6pm that night. It made a very yummy supper. The leftover meat and the broth were put in separate containers and placed in the fridge.

A few days later I was in need of a quick lunch so I opened up the fridge. I pulled out the broth, the beef, and some macaroni noodles and stared at them for a few moments. I knew I had a quick meal, but what was it? First I poured a bit of the broth into a pan, got it hot, and added flour. I am not a gravy maker, at least not with out better preparation. I threw the clumpy mess down the drain and tried again. I chopped up the beef, poured the rest of the broth in the pan, added the beef to it, and brought it up to a simmer. Then I dumped in the noodles sprinkled on some grated Parmesan cheese and let that simmer for a few moments. Finally I took some slices of american cheese and laid those on top of everything, shut the heat off, and put a cover on. A few moments later, when the cheese was melted, I stirred it and served it.

Wow! Yummy! The kids ate it all up and so did my parents. I am definitely putting this in my back pocket for later. Here is a rough recipe for you to follow (you may need to adjust some of the amounts) give it a try and tell me what you think.

Mock Stroganoff (Rough Recipe)

2/3 Cup chopped cooked roast
1 Cup cooked macaroni noddles
1 Cup beef broth from cooking a roast
2-4 Tbs parm cheese (to taste)
2-4 slices american or other mild cheese (to taste)

1. Heat broth and beef in a pan until juices are boiling. Toss in macaroni noodles and simmer for a moment.
2. Sprinkle parm cheese over top and simmer for a few moments
3. Spread slices over mixture, turn off heat, cover with lid, and let it rest while the cheese melts.
4. Stir in cheese and serve

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