Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Making Friends

Stomper made a new friend today. It was so nice having him play with a munchkin his own size that could keep up and put up with him. Many of the kids his size think he's too rough and they run away from him, which only gets him even more excited!

The older kids don't like playing with him because he touches everything and destroys whatever it is that they are making. I do my best to protect their projects and keep him busy with something else, but I can't watch everyone every second of the day.

Today a friend was in need so she brought her two girls over to play at the daycare. Of course the two littlest ones (Stomper and my friends daughter) decided that nap time wasn't for them (but everyone else was out cold), so I took them upstairs to have a little "play date" of their own.

They had a blast!

They chased each other, read books, dragged their blankies around, climbed on stuff, fought over toys, played with toys, chased the dog, it was an awesome time!

 Maybe this year we will make good on the promise to get together for more play dates!

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