Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Color of Love

I think the color of love is brown. A rich, deep, dark brown, so brown it's almost black. It's the color of my toes this afternoon after I spent twenty minutes in the garden helping out my husband in my bare feet. Brown has made it onto my floors and across my porch as dirty boots trod inside from a hard days work tilling up the gardens. Brown reminds me of hope as we plant and hope for a good nights gentle rain and just enough sun and rain through out our summer while our garden grows. I love that we are using up the space we have been given to prepare for the winter. I love that this summer, fall, and winter 
we will be able to munch on veggies that we have planted.

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Most of the planting was accomplish by my husband today. I was able to help plant the potatoes and onions before I had to go inside and tend to Stomper. More planting is planned for Saturday during our Anniversary Week-end at Home. We have found places for the dogs and Stomper to go so that we can have the house to ourselves and not have to worry about feeding anyone, 
changing diapers, or letting anyone out to pee. 

Work has begun on the Squash Garden. The lawn is too long to for the tiller and the mower is not working. Jason believes we just need a spark plug to fix the mower and then the lawn can be mowed. Once the lawn is mowed Jason can till it up, and then we can plant some more.

In the meantime I like looking out my window and seeing that dark patch of brown in our lawn.
Soon the brown will be spotted with small green growing things and then my new 
favorite color will be green.

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  1. Loved visiting with you. Although short it was I enjoyed my visit and seeing this "garden" in person. Love the sharing idea I saw that you posted.


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