Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"This is a unique situation"

"Unique" only begins to describe our Adoption Story.

Yesterday we went before a judge to officially become Temporary Guardians of Stomper (for the next 6months) while we wait for all the adoption stuff to go through. The judge looked at the three of us, took off his spectacles, and said something along the lines of: "This is a unique situation, could you tell me how this all happened?"


"Well my Great Aunt works at a homeless shelter...."

I told the judge as much as I knew about The Birth Mother, where she came from, where she was going, her family, where her family may be living, what her intentions were concerning the adoption. I hope I was clear enough when we were talking to him. I did my best and stuck to the facts and left our theories out.

I think he was concerned that we convinced The Birth Mother to give up her baby and that it wasn't all her idea. As far as I know, it was her idea. I'm sure other people came before us and suggested it to her, but by the time we entered the story she had already made up her mind.

I wish so much that she was around to go before the judge and say: "I want these people to love and raise my baby." I think it is easier for her though to not be around.

The worst case scenario (if the home-study isn't finished, if we are still running ads in the paper to find The Birth Parents, ect) if he is not adopted before the Temporary Guardianship is up our lawyer will file for us to become Permanent Guardians of Stomper until we can once and finally adopt him.

As always God is in control.

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