Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Large Utility Tote

Yesterday I told you about how awesome my Large Utility Tote is, now I will show you.
(Disclaimer: I am not paid for my love of these totes, but with every sale I am earning free products due to the fact that I hosted a party last week.)

This is how Stomper and I often look during our trip to the Library: him on one hip and my filled tote over one shoulder. For today I filled the tote, with Stomper's help, with some things that could be in it for a trip to Mimi's house. 

Here it is stuffed to the gills. There is actually quite a bit of room left. My purse didn't even have a knitting project it in it for the photo. The items have been shifted during unpacking and repacking, but I assure you its all there.

This is what I packed into it. Starting with the red car and working clockwise there is: five diapers and a plastic wipes tote; my large purse; an electronic toy (Stomper calls it his computer); a pile of clothes containing sweatshirt, t-shirt, shorts, and pants for Stomper; Froggie, and eleven books half of which are board books. This tote is a packers dream. Can you imagine the possibilities? Beach trips, picnics, grandma's house; this tote can contain it!

These specials have ended, but each month there is always a fantastic deal!

With the purchase of this tote or any purchase over $35.00 you can buy one of two organizing totes for half off! Just think how together you will feel your next trip to Grandmas! 

Check out my sister-in-laws shop for even more purses, totes, wallets, and other organizing products!

The party closes Friday so act fast!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thirty-One Party

This past week I hosted a "Thirty-one Party" at the farm. I invited friends, family, and co-workers to our home and we all listened to my sister-in-law tell us about the fantastic products. She showed us the versatility of the products and how cavernous all the bags are. We talked about finding quality products that will withstand the vigorous of children, husbands, and our busy lives. We debated organization, "car clutter", and how to bring them under all control.

Thirty-One may not be the total answer to domestic bliss, but it certainly helps. I have two large utility totes that I use several times a week. I take a large amount of the library to and from home (about thirty books of various sizes) and it all fits in the tote comfortably with my purse. Then I sling the whole thing over my shoulder and have two hands free to wrangle my boy! I use it Sunday morning for church and pack it with my purse, Stomper's bag, our bibles, and my Sunday School material so I am not trying to hold three bags and hold Stomper's hand all at once. 

I have one of their cargo purses and one day this summer I put a snack, a beach towel, a change of clothes for Stomper, and diapers for our trip to the park near the lake. Jason calls it my "apple picking bag" because it is so large, but if I need to carry more than my wallet it is perfect.

If you are interested in purchasing any of their products you can check out my sister-in-laws shop HERE. I'll also be leaving a link up on the sidebar until my party closes on Friday. 

For the month of September the following two items are 50% off with a purchase of $35.00!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Open House

Harvest Swap
Bring 6 Harvested Items all the same Like 
(Plus 1 to Taste Test):

Apple sauce
Muffins (1 dozen)
Cookies (1 dozen)
Then Swap them for 6 different items
Prizes for Best tasting 
and Most Unique
November 9 from 2-6pm 
Hamberg Family Farm

2-4 Farm Open House  *  4pm Taste Testing & Voting  *  5pm Potluck Supper

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

On Tenting

This year we managed to camp at or visit four campgrounds.

We are still in search of our "perfect" campground. We know, though, that it doesn't exist. So we are looking for something close to perfect. All the sites in my following reviews do not have water or power at them and ranged from $17-75 a night.
Walking out to the dock at Mt. Blue
Mt Blue State Park:

I would recommend this camground to tenters. There are a lot of dirt paths for bikes, free hot showers, and lots of places for kids to play. All the fire pits have grills for cooking.  I love, love, love the water of Webb Lake (the lake the campground is on) it is shallow and perfect for kids. There is also a very recent playground near the lake and boat docks. It is not, however, from what I observed very easy to get RV's and campers into the sites.

Affordable Boat Rentals
Shallow Beach
Grassy Areas at Beach
Picnic Tables and Grills at Beach
Free Shower
Cooking Fire Pit
Dog Friendly
Camping Atmosphere .. not touristy
Spacious Tent Site
Space Between Sites
Jumping into the pool at Papoose Pond
Papoose Pond -we went as visitors, we had friends camping there

Jason didn't like the "feel" of the campground. He called it "City Camping". There was arcades, a dance floor, carousel  restaurant  mini-golf, volley ball court, several playgrounds, store, free movie once a week, plus lots of other things. If you like all of those extras than this place is perfect! The price is high, $75 a night for no water or power. They have lots of different types of site, I am intrigued by the kitchen sites.

Playground - multiple!
Affordable Boat Rentals  -didn't think to ask so I don't know
Shallow Beach - didn't go down to the beach so I don't know
Grassy Areas at Beach
Picnic Tables and Grills at Beach
Free Shower - not sure if they were free or not
Cooking Fire Pit
Dog Friendly
Camping Atmosphere .. not touristy
Spacious Tent Site
Space Between Sites
Walking beside the river at Evergreens
Evergreens Campground -stayed overnight twice as guests of Jason's parents in a pair of campers

We were so unimpressed with this campground. It is a sportsmen campground. Lots of ATV's, fishermen, hunters, and no place for the little guy to safely play.

Affordable Boat Rentals  -didn't think to ask so I don't know
Shallow Beach - it was on the river
Grassy Areas at Beach
Picnic Tables and Grills at Beach
Free Shower
Cooking Fire Pit - had a pit but no grill to cook on
Shade - too much shade
Dog Friendly - for a price! $5.00!
Camping Atmosphere .. it seemed more like a hunting camp than a family camp
Spacious Tent Site
Space Between Sites
Our site at Hadley's Point
Hadley's Point Campground

I was so very disappointed that they closed their pool down after Labor Day. We would have gone swimming even though it was a little chilly. In a heated pool what does it matter? There was a lot of RV's, mostly RV's. Most of the tent sites accommodated RV's so the sites were small. We stayed in the tenting only area, the back site by the road. Our site was large, but every other site was tiny and very close to their neighbor. It was off the beaten path of the traffic, but close enough to Acadia and Bar Harbor that we were able to find lots of things to do. Also, we were able to hike down to the point at low tide and play in the rocks

Awesome Playground
Affordable Boat Rentals  
Shallow Beach - no beach
Grassy Areas at Beach -no beach
Picnic Tables and Grills at Beach  -no beach
Free Shower - $.50 for 7 minutes which was enough time.
Cooking Fire Pit - had a pit but no grill to cook on
Dog Friendly
Camping Atmosphere .. not touristy
Spacious Tent Site - ours was, but the rest were not.
Pool - closes down after Labor Day
Space Between Sites

Friday, September 13, 2013

Bar Harbor 2013

Camping and Tenting at Hadley Campground
Walking, Splashing, Digging, and Jumping at Sand Beach, Acadia National Park
Driving and Snuggling with a special puppy
Exploring with Papa and On my Own
Fussing and Screaming "Not Monkey Mommy, Monkey Papa!"
Picking up treasures while Beach Combing
Riding like a Monkey
Watching the Sun Set

We had a great time in Bar Harbor 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Turkeys and Apples

A local farmer allowed us to pick up some dropped apples from under his trees. The turkeys thought they had died and gone to heave.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Stomper and I have our bad days. Days where all I say is No: "Don't touch that. Put the kitty down before you hurt her. Please don't step on me. Lay still so I can change you." On and on and on and on and on. We sit and play with his trains or trucks or crayons and it's: "Don't put that in your mouth. You will break that if you step on it. That is not a ball, do not throw it." I am living in the book "No David!" and we both tire of it. 

Some days stretch on forever and it's all I can do to keep my cool until his bedtime.

Supper time is a nightmare. He's tired, I'm tired and hungry, and the men stressed from long days at work. It's not a good time some evenings. Somedays when I go to bed I fight back the tears, doubt, and guilt. I tell my husband that all I ever say to Stomper is "No." I tell him I feel like a horrible mother. I tell him I feel like a monster. He assures me time and time again that I'm a good mother. Some days I believe him.

In bed I rewind the day and review each "No." I question myself. Was there a better way to say that, to do that, to help him? Am I not involved enough, too much, do I keep him too busy? Is his temperament my fault, am I ruining him?

On one of our rough days in the last few weeks Jason came home and could tell I was at the end of my rope. He suggested a walk outside. Stomper screamed non-sense at us. We forced the little guy outside. He fought getting shoes on. He screamed. He cried when we took him outside. He screamed some more. I gave him an apple, he told me it was yucky. Then he ate it.

We went for a walk he screamed at us around bites of apple.

Then slowly the apple disappeared into his belly. He hit stuff with a stick as Papa worked on clearing a path through the brambles. For a moment the sun came out and it felt like we were going to be all right.

Those nights when he passes out from exhaustion from fighting with me all day I try to remind myself that this is just a small moment in a long life. I tell myself while I review my day and consider what I could have done better, that I am doing my best.

And in the morning I work at remembering to use the tools I have learned: 

  • Love is patient (take a breath before redirecting unwanted behavior), 
  • Love is kind (no yelling, no name calling, let the "discipline fit the crime"), 
  • It does not want what belongs to others (when we are having a bad day don't compare him in my thoughts to other children, he is his own person, he learns differently, behaves differently, plays differently, and that is all right),
  • It does not brag, It is not proud (sometimes even Mommy needs to say "I was wrong."),
  • It is not rude (I watch my words and actions and behave appropriately, even when redirecting or disciplining him, when I am often at my weakest)
  • It does not look out for its own interests (his needs are more important than mine, I need to look at things from his point-of-view more often),
  • It does not easily become angry (get more sleep and this will be easier, spend more time with God and this will be easier, be less "busy" and this will be easier) 
  • It does not keep track of other people’s wrongs (his memory is short, mine should be shorter),
  • Love is not happy with evil. But it is full of joy when the truth is spoken (praise him when he does something right!)
  • It always protects (if he is not exposed to certain behaviors he will be less likely to act them out, if I am not exposed to certain attitudes I will be less likely to act them out),
  • It always trusts. It always hopes. 
  • It never gives up (God hasn't given up on me, I won't give up on me either),
  • Love never fails. 

My Mom tells me time and time again that my brother was the same way at Stompers age. I don't remember Ben being spanked every day, but Mom says that some days she felt like all she did was spank him. I cling to the knowledge that this season will pass.

And I remember his smile, his hugs and kisses, how he loves me to sing to him every night, snuggling in bed and watching Elmo far too early in the morning, reading and rereading his favorite books, the sound of his voice when he is playing with his trains, his laughter when I tickle him, the funny way he jumps, his boundless energy:

Oh how I love this little boy that God sent us!

Someday I will look back on this rough time and know that the hard work was worth it. I will look back and wonder how I could have ever thought I was a bad mother.

Labor Day

Betcha can't guess what it did over Labor Day week-end .. Rained. It seems like this year we were destined to begin and end our summer with rain.

Thankfully we are a hearty bunch and we didn't let something like rain stop us from having fun.

On Saturday the boys and I went upta camp to do a little 4-wheeling and play some card games. The men went out on the wheelers when there appeared to be a break in the clouds (they still got soaked). Stomper played with Aunty and Grammie Kay with umbrellas in the rain.Then he got a little braver and drove his trucks out in the rain.

When Jason came back from his trip we (Jason, Stomper, and I) went on a short ride on the 4-Wheeler down the road. After we had gone a little ways we turned around and there was this little ball of fluff coming towards us a full speed. It was Vinnie!

After a good laugh we picked him up and gave him a ride too, he had earned it. I felt a little foolish sitting ont he back of the wheeler a little boy in front of me and a ball of fluff in my arms.

Monday we had planned to go to the state park, all nine of us "Hambergs". We reasoned that we could hang out in the pavillion and if the rain let up a bit the kids could go swim and play in the sand. However, the tropical downpours kept us at home. We had a contingency plan. Grandfather and Grandma made airplanes with Stomper and Elle. When the rain let up for a little bit we let the kids run around outside in the rain. They "flew" their airplanes down the slide and enjoyed getting wet. We even tried to take out the slip n' slide, but it didn't work too well in the rain.

We all played Ticket to Ride later in the afternoon. We made up a way to play with teams so that more than six people can play. It was chaos, but it was fun!

How did your Labor Day go?

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