Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thirty-One Party

This past week I hosted a "Thirty-one Party" at the farm. I invited friends, family, and co-workers to our home and we all listened to my sister-in-law tell us about the fantastic products. She showed us the versatility of the products and how cavernous all the bags are. We talked about finding quality products that will withstand the vigorous of children, husbands, and our busy lives. We debated organization, "car clutter", and how to bring them under all control.

Thirty-One may not be the total answer to domestic bliss, but it certainly helps. I have two large utility totes that I use several times a week. I take a large amount of the library to and from home (about thirty books of various sizes) and it all fits in the tote comfortably with my purse. Then I sling the whole thing over my shoulder and have two hands free to wrangle my boy! I use it Sunday morning for church and pack it with my purse, Stomper's bag, our bibles, and my Sunday School material so I am not trying to hold three bags and hold Stomper's hand all at once. 

I have one of their cargo purses and one day this summer I put a snack, a beach towel, a change of clothes for Stomper, and diapers for our trip to the park near the lake. Jason calls it my "apple picking bag" because it is so large, but if I need to carry more than my wallet it is perfect.

If you are interested in purchasing any of their products you can check out my sister-in-laws shop HERE. I'll also be leaving a link up on the sidebar until my party closes on Friday. 

For the month of September the following two items are 50% off with a purchase of $35.00!

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