Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Large Utility Tote

Yesterday I told you about how awesome my Large Utility Tote is, now I will show you.
(Disclaimer: I am not paid for my love of these totes, but with every sale I am earning free products due to the fact that I hosted a party last week.)

This is how Stomper and I often look during our trip to the Library: him on one hip and my filled tote over one shoulder. For today I filled the tote, with Stomper's help, with some things that could be in it for a trip to Mimi's house. 

Here it is stuffed to the gills. There is actually quite a bit of room left. My purse didn't even have a knitting project it in it for the photo. The items have been shifted during unpacking and repacking, but I assure you its all there.

This is what I packed into it. Starting with the red car and working clockwise there is: five diapers and a plastic wipes tote; my large purse; an electronic toy (Stomper calls it his computer); a pile of clothes containing sweatshirt, t-shirt, shorts, and pants for Stomper; Froggie, and eleven books half of which are board books. This tote is a packers dream. Can you imagine the possibilities? Beach trips, picnics, grandma's house; this tote can contain it!

These specials have ended, but each month there is always a fantastic deal!

With the purchase of this tote or any purchase over $35.00 you can buy one of two organizing totes for half off! Just think how together you will feel your next trip to Grandmas! 

Check out my sister-in-laws shop for even more purses, totes, wallets, and other organizing products!

The party closes Friday so act fast!

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