Saturday, November 22, 2008


It has been awhile since I posted anything so here is an update.

Jason's Job

So about a week ago we thought he was going to go back to the dreaded Rover shift (which means no week-ends off ever and almost no chance to get any overtime). There has been quite an upset at work. A lady in the office was out due to back issues so someone from one of the shifts went into the office which left a vacant spot and Jason gladly filled it. Being on a crew meant that Jason got to experience 6 days off in a row once a month (Oct & Nov) plus 2, count them 2! week-end off in a month. AND opportunity to get some much needed overtime (I love that time and a half!). Mid month they told us that Jason would be going back to the Rover shift (everyone is going back to where they belonged) and we were bummed, I was hoping for some overtime over the holiday's, but we had been expecting it soon. Then like three days later everything changed and they said "oh, no, she can't work a full week yet, you can stay where you are until Dec 28th. Which is great. Because, all the days that the family is using to celebrate Christmas he now has off and doesn't need to ask for time off and use his vacation or holiday time! Yeah!

The bummer is that soon he'll be back to the Rover shift. At least they are just 8 hr days, not the 12 that he has been doing over the past month.


Last week on Tuesday I a saw a cat walking along our driveway. I didn't think too much of it because we see stray cats all the time. I did stick my head out the window and call to it, but it had little effect on it. That night we had a bible study and apparently he was sitting at the door because one of our friends let it in. She bent down to pet it and felt every bone in it's spine and she said to herself, "This can't be one of the Blidberg's cat, they would never do this to a pet." That was, of course, after she had let it in on our porch. Mom shooed it back outside and Kat got it some food to munch on. During bible study we came to the conclusion that we ought to help out this kitty. Sadly, when we went out to let it back in it had gone for the night.
Two days later on Thursday Kat saw it in the yard and opened the door to give it a friendly call, but it thought she meant ill for it and it ran away. We thought that was going to be the end of the kitty. However, that evening as one of the daycare grandparents were leaving I heard, "Hello, I didn't know that they had a kitty all one color." Which we didn't. As I am standing in the kitchen in waltz's this gray long haired cat. He walks up to me as if to say: "Move lady, I need to get to the food."
Jason and I capture it, which was "hard", since it wanted to be picked up and immediately started to purr the moment you talked to it. We put it in the dog's kennel for the night (in case it had some evil disease) and in the morning I brought it to the shelter. The shelter has this program where for $65 you can have a stray spayed/neutered plus have shots and vaccines. Luckily we only had to pay $35 because he was already "altered". He got a clean bill of health and has now joined our happy family. So, Meet Titus! He is super friendly. When he isn't eating or sleeping he is curled up on our chests watching TV with us!

No news on the pregnancy front. Still trying, still charting, still hoping that soon I'll be "with child".
I had another flare up of my gastritis (sp?). I called my doctor and confessed that I had not done the meds that I had been given correctly from the first time. She thought that one of the meds I have been taking so I have stopped that and started pepcid. We are giving my tummy 2 weeks and then "we'll see" whatever that means. Tuesday will be 2 weeks. Also, because I have not had a period in nearly 60 days (which is not abnormal when coming off of "the pill") she is going to give me Provera to jump start my period. Maybe that will jump start the baby creating too?

More Pets

I don't have kids, I have pets and here is a couple more pictures of them.

This is Cali, she has just come home from apple picking! :)

And this is Izzy participating in her daily routine of playing with her ball. Sometimes Cali and Vinnie join her in her daily calenstetics of running from one end of the apartment to the other tossing and rolling on her ball.

This is Vinnie, curled up on the couch, doing what he does best....sleeping.

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