Friday, February 15, 2013


I haven't mentioned the ducks in quite some time. 
We still have them, though their numbers have been reduced drastically from this summer. This summer we had eleven, but we reduced our flock to two.
Recently they started laying. The egg in the nest is the teaching egg, it's a marble egg Jason picked up somewhere to show the girls where we'd like them to lay. It worked with the chickens, with any luck it will work for these two!
Yes she is a little yellow. No she is not supposed to be. Unfortunately our kiddy pool bit the dust or is burried in snow, I can't remember which, and the girls are unable to take a bath at the moment. Not to worry, spring is around the corner and they will be a pretty white again!


  1. I have a major thing for ducks. Whenever posed the question "what animal would you be", I always think, well ducks, because they both swim AND fly, so best of both animal worlds. And baby ducks are just so darn cute! You really have quite the farm there! I love it!

  2. Not all ducks fly .. but I get what you mean. These ducks "coast", quite funny to watch.

  3. I have to brush up on my duck facts :) Is your little one old enough yet for Wild Kratts on PBS? My son loves that show, and I learn TONS of animal facts!


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