Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project Report

I finished my cowl. I wish that I had cast on the full 180 stitches so that it would be a little bit longer. All I need to do now is block it so its a bit longer. I showed Jason how I can wrap it around my neck twice to make a face mask and he said he'd like something for over his face like that too. I may bring out his scarf and see if I can link the two ends together to make it into a cowl. He tells me that he likes wearing his scarf when he hunts, but the ends bother him. If it doesn't work I have a feeling he'll be asking for his own cowl for hunting .. maybe something in hunter orange? 

I didn't finish Stomper socks in time for Valentines, I finished them a few days later. He watched me finish the toe and as soon as it was finished I asked him if he wanted to try it on. I set him on a stool next to me and put the sock on him. Then he waited patiently while I wove in the ends of the second sock so he could put that one on too! 

I have a quick little pattern for the sock I will put soon for those that are interested. It's a heel less sock, so if you are afraid of heels, it would be a great starter sock. It hasn't been tested, so the sizing might be a little off, but for a boot sock that should be too big of a problem.

I am not making a couple of sheep for Easter. I finished the bodies over the past few weeks, they are tedious. I don't like my yarn choice, and I can't imagine I'll like it any more once I start the legs. The cable is really interesting and I'm glad that I tried this pattern if only to learn a new cable pattern. I will be tossing out what I've made, but that just frees up the needles and hands for more projects!

I cast on the second sock for the hubby. I haven't told him yet that I'm working on it. I hope to surprise him, sometime before winter ends (and since we are getting 7-14inches of snow tomorrow looks like I'll have a little time).

I would like to be knitting Stompers Easter Vest, but I haven't made it to the yarn store. With any luck I can go later this week, Easter will be here before I know it and I really want it to be done!

I bought the pattern for the hoods for my Mom and Little Sister. Have you seen moebius knitting? I watched this video and it blew my mind away. I just sat there staring at the computer totally bemused. I am so excited to start the hoods.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments to my last post. I look forward to reading the comments of each update. I am lucky girl to marry the man that I did, who understands a knitters heart for yarn and goodies. The pattern for the hat is Starcrossed Slouchy Beret as goodpurlgonebad guessed I appologize for not mentioning it in my post.


  1. I've not done moebius knitting but I'll pop back later and check out your link, sounds interesting. Love the projects and the cowl looks great. Really looking forward to seeing the Easter Vest, its very nice

  2. Oooo a hunter orange cowl... love the blues in the one you're working on. :)

  3. Stomper socks look great on! Lovely! And yes, a hunter's orange cowl sounds good!
    I did do some moebius knitting last year ... a cowl and a headband as I recall.


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