Thursday, February 14, 2013

This is What Love Looks Like

One evening Papa was sharpening some kitchen knives that had gotten drastically and shamefully dull. 

Stomper wanted to help.

Papa shook his head, "You aren't big enough yet."

Mama had an idea, "Go get your knife, it's in with your food, in your kitchen."

"Yea!" Stomper ran off into his room and came back with the wooden knife he got from Grandma and Grandfather. 

Papa set his work down and took Stomper into his lap.

"This is how we sharpen your knife. Someday, " Papa told Stomper, "I will give you a knife of your own and show you how to sharpen it. For now we will practice."

I feel so special to be loved by a man that not only loves me deeply, but loves our son just as fiercely.

Happy Valentines Day Honey

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