Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pea Saga: Bright Orbs

I am working at the kitchen island keeping an eye on Stomper and the two daycare kiddos eating a lunch of chicken, rice, fresh pineapple, and peas when I look over at Stomper and sense something is not right. I focus on my little guy and see these bright green orbs sticking out of his nose. Vaguely I recall my sister telling him to get his finger out of his nose and I assume that what I am seeing is the result of some vigorous exploration.

I walk over to him and upon reaching him I further notice that each orb is perfectly round and too bright to be made by his body. As I watch he picks up a pea and shoves it into his nose. I react-poorly-and knock the pea out his nose while simultaneously reprimanding him. What is going on in the back of my Mommy brain is a hope that the two I see and the one in his hand are the only ones up his nose.

I grasp the bridge of his nose and squeeze out the peas. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, both nostrils empty like a Gatling gun. I tip his head back to take a look and there are two still stuck up his nose and as I am pondering how I am going to teach him to blow them out, he sneezes. I look on the floor and summarize that there are approximately ten peas on the floor. I whisper a prayer that there aren't any more up there as I snatch up the flashlight.

I chant in my head as I approach him, "they are all gone, they are all gone." I tip him back and shine the light in. At first there is hope and then I spy an unnatural booger color up there. One pea is left. I look at him and shake my head, "There is still one up there. But how much harm can a pea do?"

We opted for a Family Nurse Practioner (FNP) for our primary care because she is level headed and not drug happy. I have hope that she has a magic trick to spirit the pea out of his nose. I call the office. They tell me to go to the ER, exasperated I half shout, "For a pea?" The nurse replies, "Let me see if we can get you in today." She sets us up with an afternoon appointment and I lay Stomper down for a nap. I say to him as I lay him down, "Maybe it will work itself out while you sleep."

Tune in tomorrow for Part 2 ... We visit the doctor

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