Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Forward

Here is Stomper wearing the hottest and most sought after hand knitted items (and some from the store) that you too will want to wear. Remember, layering is must!

First off .. Ode to Summer: Stomper is wearing a summer hat (be careful the elastic smarts!) purchased in NY two summers ago, don't worry if it's too small. He has paired it with a store bought scarf and a hand knit cowl. This look is perfect for grocery shopping or a cozy day at the beach.

Second ... No Thumbs Required: These are a pair of Fingerless Gloves, but he is wearing them as arm warmers - one piece of accessory - two uses! This look is great if you are knitting in the cold, playing with cars, or reading a good book.

Lastly ... All Together Now:  On his head is a hat too large for humans, The Knitter made when it when she first started knitting. The yarn is some fancy stuff that she doesn't remember, it has a lot of added bits and bobs on it. The scarf is one of a few that she has made and so it is very special  It uses a skein of fun fur someone gave her years ago. He has also layered on the cowl and fingerless gloves, with a pair of store bought stretchy gloves for those really chilly days. This look just says: relax in comfort.

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