Monday, January 23, 2012

Photo Happy

I realized that I haven't given you any updates on Stomper.

  • Walked at 14 months, right before Christmas. There was a Christmas party at church and one of Stompers little friends (she's about 7 or 8) walked behind him while he walked up and down the hall. Every time he'd fall she'd scoop him up and set him back on his feet. Ever since that night he's been walking. He bends over to pick up a toy with out falling down, but still uses something to stand. He's very fast and he keeps me on my toes.
  • He's been practicing a lot with a spoon.
  • Uses a straw
  • Climbs on everything
  • Falls off of things 
  • Had his first bit bottom lip when he fell off the coffee table
  • He is not talking, but is increasing his sounds daily
  • Watches football
  • Loves Yo-Gabba-Gabba
  • Won't sit for a book unless it has lift-the-flaps
  • Dances all the time
  • Still learning what "gentle" means
  • Thankfully...NO Teething!...finally

Now for some unrelated photos from our week.....

My little brother had a birthday. 
 The cats seem to be adjusting to the snow just fine.
 There is a kitty highway in our backyard.
 Jason bought me some flowers, just because he could.
 Ugly Kitty seems to be getting healthier.
 Stomper loves toy baskets.


This foolish flower lives beside the wood stove in the living-room at my parents. The stem appears dead. this is the second time it has flowered.

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