Monday, January 2, 2012


We started our Christmas festivities on Saturday the 17th with presents with Honey Bee. Saturday night we went to my parents house and Stomper opened up Honey Bee's presents. It was late and everyone was tired, but we opened up the gifts and my parents said "So-long" to their first Foster Granddaughter. We went home and in the morning had our own Christmas celebration as a family. Honey Bee gave Stomper and Papa her gifts to them and Stomper opened up her gifts (mostly clothes and a few toys).

We had a really nice day together as a family. I made a big Christmas dinner with all the fixings and we watched Christmas movies and spent a lot of time in our jammies.  Sunday night we went to Jason's parents house for presents and to say "So-long". Then Monday morning we said "So-long" to Honey Bee (see previous post for an explanation).

The rest of our week I cleaned a bit and wrapped a bit and picked out pictures to print off. The festivities kicked into high gear on Friday with a dinner at Jason's Grandparents. We dropped Stomper off at my parents house for a new family tradition on Friday night. My Mom wants to do "Christmasy" things with her grandkid(s) on Christmas Eve. She gave him a new toy to keep at Grandma's house and spent some time together.
The Hamlins 2011
We picked him up for Christmas Eve service at our church, then back to Grandma's house for some eating, then home. Sunday morning I couldn't wait for Stomper to wake up, so I woke him up. We had stockings in bed just like I used to when I was a kid, then breakfast, then the tree, then we went to Jason's sisters church for Christmas service, then to Jason's parents for brunch and tree, back home where we all napped, then my parents came over to swap gifts, and finally to bed. Monday morning Jason had to work, but Stomper and I were picked up by Jason's Mom so that we could go to Christmas at Jason's other Grandma's house. We were there all day opening gifts, laughing, and of course eating. Whew!

The hat I knit for Stomper doesn't really fit him so between Christmas and New Years I knit him a new hat that fits much better. I also managed to finish Jason's Christmas stocking (not pictured). I am hoping in the next year to make one for Stomper and possibly myself. Jason was very happy to finally be able to wear his new winter hat (I made him wait almost a year for it) and I am back to knitting the other fingerless glove for myself.

I should have more knitting photos and a contest soon!

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