Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Blanket

Finished! I finished it last night. It turned out really great. I messed up a bunch, but that only adds to the originality!
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Baby Sweater

I actually finished this sweater quite awhile ago. I got the pattern from Lion Brand.

Jason picked out the buttons at Pins and Needles in Farmington, ME (the buttons are fabric and made by someone in Maine). After I put them on something still felt missing. I decided that I'd embroider some little trees on it it tie the needles on the buttons to the rest of the sweater. I used to cross sititch, but embroidery is a different animal. I think it came out all right for my first time. I think I'd try it again.

Jason wants me to make another sweater. This time he wants me to put some more color into the whole thing.
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baby Blanket

Almost done with the baby blanket. I took a break for a bit because things got really crazy around here and I couldn't find time or energy.

I messed up a tad tonight, somehow my stitch marker got knitted into the rest of the blanket (it was a piece of yarn the same color as the yarn I was working with--not a good idea) so I had to rip a bunch out. Then as I was putting it back on the needles I realized I had two strings going not one and one side was lower than the other.... tomorrow I will attempt to fix the mess I've made.

I've only 6 inches left! Should be done this week-end!

Round 2 with Clomid

Started taking Clomid again today. I'm going to try and be real dilligent about taking it at the same time every day. I'm shooting for noon when I take my other pills.


Jason and I think we've found a house! If all goes well the closing date is Oct 28th!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A house for Hamlins?

We put an offer on a house today. This is the second time we are putting an offer on this house. The first time someone else beat us to the punch. That offer fell apart and now we are getting a turn!

We are hoping that it goes through easy. The house is closer to Jason's parents than mine, but that's all right. It is also 45mins from work for me, I'm going to have to commute for the first time in ..... gosh .... 8 years! I worked it out with my "boss" that I will work Mon, Wed, Fri so that we can get the preschoolers to preschool.

Yes, we are taking our daycare kids to preschool. We are so crazy. We are the ONLY daycare in our area that takes the kids to preschool. Here is the logic. These 4 four year olds have been together since before they could talk. Come next year when they go to Kindergarten they are going to have a SHOCK. We thought this might be a nice lead in for them. Apparently the parents agreed because they are paying for preschool in ADDITION to the normal daycare rates (we aren't giving them any discount). We'll see how it goes with all this carting around.

We are very excited. We are hoping that this is IT!. We have looked at 20 or so houses in a couple of months. I think we have seen everything in our price range with in an hours travel! I'll be so happy when that is done.

Keep those fingers and toes crossed!!

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