Saturday, July 24, 2010

Butterfly Beanie

Butterfly Beanie

dpns or circular needle sizes 5 & 7
stitch marker
yarn needle
Vanna's Choice Baby in "goldfish" (MC) and "white" (B)

Gauge 5 stitches & 5 rows = 1 inch **Check your Gauge!**

CO 72 Stitches with smaller size needles and MC
join in round (place marker to note beginning of round) and knit in 2x2 (k2, p2) rib for 1.5 inches
change to larger size needles and knit one row
change to B and knit one row
change to MC and knit one row
then start fairisle pattern:

1) *k1 with B, k1 with MC*
2) k with MC
3) *k1 with MC, k1 with B*
4) k with MC

continue with pattern until piece measures 5 inches from cast on edge. End with an even round (2 or 4).

knit one round with B
knit one round with MC

1) *k7, k2tog* (64)
2) k
3) *k6, k2tog* (56)
4) k
5) *k5, k2tog* (48)
6) *k4, k2tog* (40)
7) k
8) *k3, k2tog* (32)
9) k
10) *k2, k2tog* (24)
11) *k1, k2tog* (16)
12) k
13) *k2tog* (8)
Cut a 6 inch tail. Thread through remaining stitches and cinch tightly.
Weave in loose ends.

Attach Butterfly to side of hat. I used the one from Spud and Chloe. You could also attach a flower or some buttons.


MC = Main Color
B = secondary color
k = knit
p = purl
k2tog = knit the next two stitches as one stitch
CO = Cast On
dpns = double-pointed needles
* * = the notations between the asterisk are to be repeated until the end of the round.

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