Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Money

Made my first $10.00 by selling a Turtle Family to a family friend. So very excited that I did a little dance of joy right there at the mailbox! I have at least two more things I'll be selling in the near-future, but some of that money will go towards yarn. I am saving up to buy some board books by Sandra Boynton or maybe something more practical like a car seat or two?
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  1. I'm happy to hear I was your first "paying" customer. They are so cute and we can't wait to give them to Grace's cousin for her birthday. Sandra Boynton books are WONDERFUL. Let me check Grace's "special" box in the basement to see if I still have some of them. If I do, you're welcome to them.

  2. That would be awesome. I love Sandra Boynton!!


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