Saturday, July 24, 2010

Up Next

This is my new dream project. I found this on Raverly and I really want to make it for my future munch-kins. What it is are 12 pairs of child size socks. Each day in December a child gets to fish inside a sock for a prize. Of course if I was REALLY crazy I could make 24 pairs so that someone would get to wear a new pair of socks each day, but I have limits to my craziness.

I decided that August will be project wrapping up month. I have three things I'm planning on knitting and then I will start my Christmas knitting. I'm not sure what I'll be able to get done, it depends on how busy the Foster kiddo's are going to make me. I have some things I'm selling for Christmas so those are top of the list. Then there are a few things I want to knit up for the family. I think I might, MIGHT, knit up an ornament for the various family units (not individuals), time will tell.

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