Saturday, February 26, 2011

On My Mind

I have been thinking a lot about going to a knitting retreat of some kind. On some of the blogs I follow there has been people attending these events. It looks like a good place to improve my knitting and be challenged. I thought, at the very least, I could attend some workshops. Workshops on what I do not know, maybe socks or spinning? I did a little hunting around the other day and I found this that I might try out this year. I did stop by my LYS today and picked up their flyer but right now they are not offering a specific workshop, just a standing couple of Saturdays that people gather to knit with an instructor there to help. I think I will go and check it out in mid-March when I have a free Saturday.
My Sweater

The Hubs and I went to the same LYS and used up my gift certificate that was in my Christmas yarn. I picked up this tweed to make a sweater for myself. I haven't knit anything for myself since I made mittens and a hat two years ago, I think it's time for some knits for me!
Baby Bowl in Progress

I am only a few short rows from finishing the first part of the Props Package I am working on for a friend of a friend of a family member. I am knitting for trade. I am making some things for her and she will take pictures of "Stomper" this fall when he turns one. I bought the patterns (a bowl and a hammock) from 4asong she can be found on Raverly and on Etsy and they are both simple and easy to follow.

My sister is turning Sweet 16 in March and we are celebrating her birthday. I leave you with images from the promised Monster creation. I got him finished just in time!
Love Monster

Monday, February 21, 2011

Plugging Away at Things

I am slowly working through my to-do list. 

I have one half of a pair of mittens completed and almost all of my first Monster Prototype. The prototype is coming along, but I'm not totally pleased with it. Something is a little wonky with it. I am hoping to get it finished up and stuffed by tomorrow. As soon as I'm done posting I'm going to dig out my stuffing, stuff the little Monster, and see how it looks. Good or bad I'll give you a little preview. I do know I will change a few things, the first being the size of needles. I am currently working with US size 3 and it is taking too long, or maybe I'm too impatient? I also think I may have made the mouth a little too big. Only time will tell. Once I post the pictures you should tell me what you think.

The gaming gloves for my brother are coming along smoothly. I did have to alter the pattern slightly because of my gauge I was knitting, but nothing too drastic. I think if I ever knit this again I will use thinner yarn. My brother seems to like them and is eagerly awaiting the second mitten. I really should be knitting glove #2 right now instead of my Monster, but I felt I needed a break. It's that "second mitten/glove/sock syndrome" once you have one knit you loose ambition to knit the next one. I almost feel like: "See I conquered that pattern, why make another one?"

The other thing I need to knit is some sparkling cider cozy's for my SIL wedding. She wants a bride and groom cozy for the head table and red ones with the letter "L" in them for some of the other tables. I told her I didn't think I could do the bride and groom (a dress and a tux), but maybe I can. I can knit anything, right? 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Finished Flannel

This is how the Plaid Flannel Hunters Hat looks following the pattern as written. One with and one without ear-flaps.

This is how it would look if you added two inches of rib instead of the hemmed edge like in the pattern.

I am still looking for a test knitter or two. Email me if you are interested:
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Knitting Day

I am a lucky knitter.

Hallmark Inspiration
My hubby and Stomper are going to Men's Breakfast at Bean's Corner Baptist Church in the morning, so I get the house to myself.

My goal is to start and get close to finishing a hat for my future BIL. I need to clear my knitting plate. I have a huge project for March to start and a new pattern rolling around in my head to test out as well.

In order to have time to get to this new pattern project I need to knit a hat, some fingerless mitts, at least one prototype for some cider cozy's, and a modified Prop Package. All (optimistically) before April. I hope to get at least half the Prop Package done before April (two diaper covers).

dangercraft Inspiration

My inspiration for my new pattern is this little guy from Hallmark and these monsters from dangercrafts. I thought it would be neat to give my Sunday School Class kids something silly for Easter. I could put a trinket inside the toy and they could use the toy to hide treasures. I am very excited to get started on this, I have been wanting to write another pattern and this seems like a good place to start (Plus, also I'm sick of knitting hats!).

Speaking of hats, I successfully finished the pattern for the hat and sent them out to my test knitters. However, I am still looking for a couple more testers if you are interested. Check out my post here for more information, there is a contest and the winner will be announced at the end of April!

I finished the firefly inspired hat in one day. The recipient  is eagerly awaiting his hat. I don't have pictures of it because my camera is still at my Mom's. I asked him to take a picture of it though and as soon as he sends it to me I'll post it.

Have a happy knitful weekend!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Socks, Super Bowl, and Soaking Up New Knowledge

During my sprint to get the hat done I got a little lost and frustrated, and had begun to hate knitting. I was having some major issues with the yarn I was using and the gauge I kept achieving. After a needle change, two and a half rip outs, and some fast decreases I finally ironed out the kinks. However, an inch into the pattern my mind turned to mush and I found my self dreading the black and red yarn.

I decided that I needed a little break. I put the hat down and picked up some size 4 needles, the rest of the yarn I found at Marden's for $.99, and knit my boy up a pair of socks for Valentines Day. They knit up super fast. It was nice to settle into something mindless and enjoyable for a few hours. I hope that they will fit him through to next winter, they have quite a bit of stretch to them so I am optimistic.

Super Bowl Sunday, with one sock finished and hours of couch time ahead of me, I picked up the hat and commenced to knitting. I was very happy that I was surrounded by family because they were able to watch "Stomper" so that I could buckle down and just knit.

I was able to knit and knit and knit and by the time half time rolled around I had gone as far as I could without my DPN's on the wonderfully despicable hat. I happily set the hat back in my knitting bag and picked up needles and yarn to start (and nearly finish) the second sock, all before the end of the game!

My next project leaping on to my needles is a commissioned project from one of my brothers friends. He wrote to me on Facebook: "Do you think you could knit me up this hat?" To which I responded: "You mean like the one Jayne wore on Firefly, sure, I can do that for you."

I jumped headfirst into Raverly and typed in "Jayne's Hat" hoping that someone had come before me and had written the pattern. To my surprised (and really why should I be surprised?) there were 44 matches for my request! After sifting though several different versions I came upon this one from Keiyla. Lo and Behold it even has a new cast on (Twisted German) for me to try; I am so very excited!

If all goes according to plan and "Stomper" cooperates with me I get to cast on for the hat tomorrow. Also tomorrow I hope to snap a few more pictures of the completed Plaid Flannel Hunters Hat and send it off to the people who wished to give it a test for me.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ready (Mostly)



I am having some issues with the yarn I am using to knit the adult size of the Flannel Hunters Hat. I am not using Vanna's Choice and I'm using up some of my Grandmothers Secret Stash yarn and so gauge has been an issue. I have ripped it out three times now, which is supremely frustrating!

However, I do have two sizes available for test knitting: Toddler and Child (4-8). If you are interested in either of those drop me a note to my email ( and I'll send it out to you right away.

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