Saturday, February 26, 2011

On My Mind

I have been thinking a lot about going to a knitting retreat of some kind. On some of the blogs I follow there has been people attending these events. It looks like a good place to improve my knitting and be challenged. I thought, at the very least, I could attend some workshops. Workshops on what I do not know, maybe socks or spinning? I did a little hunting around the other day and I found this that I might try out this year. I did stop by my LYS today and picked up their flyer but right now they are not offering a specific workshop, just a standing couple of Saturdays that people gather to knit with an instructor there to help. I think I will go and check it out in mid-March when I have a free Saturday.
My Sweater

The Hubs and I went to the same LYS and used up my gift certificate that was in my Christmas yarn. I picked up this tweed to make a sweater for myself. I haven't knit anything for myself since I made mittens and a hat two years ago, I think it's time for some knits for me!
Baby Bowl in Progress

I am only a few short rows from finishing the first part of the Props Package I am working on for a friend of a friend of a family member. I am knitting for trade. I am making some things for her and she will take pictures of "Stomper" this fall when he turns one. I bought the patterns (a bowl and a hammock) from 4asong she can be found on Raverly and on Etsy and they are both simple and easy to follow.

My sister is turning Sweet 16 in March and we are celebrating her birthday. I leave you with images from the promised Monster creation. I got him finished just in time!
Love Monster

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