Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Busy, Busy

We have been keeping a busy schedule these days. Seems like if we aren't visiting or running errands then we are working in the kitchen canning, cooking, and cleaning; which is why my Yarn Along isn't all that exciting. I've been referring to my Blue Book Guide to Preserving quite often. My mom and I recently made pear butter, and I made some apple butter out of it, not to mention it's helpful handy hits on canning squash—don't. My next canning recipe to use out of it will be “Apples for Baking” that is if I decide not to freeze them.

Stomper has been busy working on a new skill, walking. He took a few steps to his Auntie Teeny on Saturday and since then he's been letting go and taking a few steps on his own. I'm not sure if I am ready for walking yet, but I guess that's not left up to me. He has also been enjoying a new found freedom, roaming. We recently opened up the rest of the house for him to explore (we've been keeping him corralled in the baby-proofed living-room) as he has been listening and obeying the instruction “Don't touch!” with regularity.
Teething seems to be finished for the time being. He cut 16 teeth in 7 months, that's roughly 2½ teeth a month. I keep expecting to see his second year (yes 2nd, he has his 1st years already) molars poking though, but his mouth appears to be resting for now. Thankfully the teething didn't seem to bother him, and if it did then his already sunny disposition will only become brighter.

He continues to be a joy to everyone he comes in contact with, everyone remarks “What a happy boy, you are!” At church he loves to greet people with a smile, a laugh, and then a lunge for them to take him. He has also become quite the singer-dancer during worship singing. It is so nice for me to go there and let my son be loved on by other people. It give me a break on those long week-ends when Jason is working.
Jason and I stopped at a local orchard and bought two boxes of Utility Cortlands for $16 last week. I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew or preserve. So far so good, none of them have gone bad. I am, however, eyeball deep in apple puree. I hope to can several quarts of sauce tonight, then employ Jason to apple peeling duty so we can freeze the rest.
The rest canning and preserving is coming along nicely, even if it is not as much as I would liked. In addition to the relish, pickles, and tomato sauce I can now add apple butter and apple sauce (soon). My freezer is full of shredded zucchini, blueberries, and pumpkin puree and my Mom's is full of summer squash casserole. It is comforting to know that I have food “squirreled away” for the long winter months. I look forward to filling the house with the smell of blueberry muffins, pumpkin cookies, zucchini cake, hearty soups, and spaghetti.
Saturday we have our Harvest Party Can Swap. Six people are participating which will be a nice group for our first swap. If I am remember correctly there will be pear butter, dill pickles, pickled beets, apple butter, and tomato soup. I'm not sure what my sister-in-law is bringing she didn't have time or space or items to preserve so I suggested frozen brownies. Who doesn't love a brownie? Especially one you didn't have to make! There is only one other kiddo coming other than Stomper, but I think that next year there will be more. I know of at least two families who have expressed interest for next year, so maybe next year we'll play games and have a hunt or something.

We have been trying to spend as much time outdoor as possible. Even if it's just on the front porch. This “second summer” has been nice this past week. It's been warm, breezy, and perfect so I'm sure it will rain tomorrow. Maine can be pretty fickle with it's fall weather, so we are enjoying the warmth while it is here.


  1. Wow canning! I would love to do that-one day, I hope! Wow that is a bunch of teeth so fast for one so little. Looks like he weathered it well! How about you, mama? I swear by our amber teething necklaces- my littlest never went without it. It made teething so much more pleasant for both of us. Your colorwork is amazing- love the color combo. I can not wait to see the final project!

  2. He actually teethes rather well, not too much fussiness. I love canning, I strongly encourage you to give it a try! Never tried the necklaces, though I know someone who uses them,

  3. I really liked looking through your posts. Its fun to read pieces of people's lives. I really like ot can but I don't have all of the fancy gadgets that I need to preserve them so I can and then use it up pretty fast and that isn't hard with 7 children. One of my children would like for you to check out his blog. www.funfactswithzach.blogspot.com

  4. I accidentally deleted a nice comment someone made, if you are that person I appologize, it was not intentional!!


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