Friday, October 21, 2011

Harvest Party

This past week-end we had our Harvest Party at my Mom's house. It went rather well. Twelve people attended and brought many delightful canned goods to swap. M & G brought Kosher Dill Pickles, R & T brought Tomato Soup, T & K brought Pickled Beets, Z & J brought Apple Sauce, N & J brought Pear Butter, and I brought Apple Butter. We had tasted the goodies and then voted for Tastiest and Uniquest. The Kosher Dill Pickles won Tastiest and the Tomato Soup won Uniquest and the winners took home a beautiful mum.

Tasting Homemade Tomato Soup
We had potluck with beans being the theme (unintentional), two different baked beans, a chicken chili, hot dogs, and summer squash casserole. Of course no meal is complete with out dessert so I asked my Mom to make her famous Blueberry Pudding Cake and M brought Apple Crisp.

Everyone had a good time and we all went home with a box of goodies we didn't have to make ourselves! I will definitely be doing this again next year. If you want to join us, let me know!
Selecting some goodies to try

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