Sunday, October 2, 2011

Quickie Update

Just a quick update as to how things are here in Maine.

I'm going to start posting once a week either on Monday or Wednesday, and if you are really lucky Sunday too.

Since I last wrote we:

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Went to friends 1st Birthday where we tried our hardest to not steal the show and open up all his presents.

We went to the Franklin County Fair and saw a lot of animals and played on the tractors.

Learned to suck our thumb (I won't let him have his bink when he's up and around, but he found a way around this rule) and we don't care which thumb it is!

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 Had a photo session with Nicole of NicoleleePhotography

More Photos
Had our First Birthday!

Made 5 Summer Squash Casseroles with my Mom, shredded a LOT of zuccini (20-30 quarts) and froze it, made pear sauce and pear butter and canned 9 quarts of tomato sauce.

Tried maple cotton candy for the first time.

I have started on some Christmas projects, worked on some hats for customers, and just recieved a large Christmas order for a family friend.

Things are busy here, how are things with you?

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