Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day

We are spending some time at my parents house this week. I have been working at the daycare few days a week for her when there are more two year old boys than her. Today, during the storm, she went to the doctor to "rule out" strep-throat, as she has been experiencing some throat pain. To her surprise she has strep-throat, so it is a good thing that I am here. She has been sent to bed (not that she went, she's stationed her self in front of the TV watching the DIY Channel) with a big bowl of ice cream and a loving hubby to keep her warm. She was instructed to not go back to work until Monday, but, unfortunately when you are the boss, the workers, the chef, and the teacher of your one-woman-daycare that is hard to do. My sister and I are "holding down the fort" for today and tomorrow I'm on my own most of the day, as I told her that since we are stranded here anyway due to the storm that I'd just work for her tomorrow.

The kids went outside and enjoyed the snow, despite the 23degree temp outside. Apparently the horse is of like mind as the kids because he won't come in when it snows either. The small pup though has sense, he went out did his business and begged to let back in.

Happy Snow Day!

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