Sunday, January 8, 2012

Barn cats

This summer I kicked two of our three cats outside. They were given rabies shots and their ability to make more kittens was taken away so I felt it was time. Also, they were peeing on everything and with a baby crawling around I didn't wan't to deal with one more mess or smell. As fall approached I increased their food allotment, gave them some place out of the wind to hide in, and Jason gives them treats like tuna and chicken to keep them fattened for the winter. They have been doing really well.

Piper has asked to come in a few times, but I tell her she's fine and to go find her sister.

Bullet like's to bake in the sun on the haybales we have in front of the house. It must be nice having a winter coat that warms you as you laze in the sun

This is one of the strays that my cats have brought home. This is the uglier of the two. It was more rough looking and skinny before it started munching at the Hamin Porch Cat Cafe. I am hoping that it is fixed, I don't want kittens living in my barn or under my house.

I love this one of Piper, such a pretty girl. Both cats have remained very friendly. I was worried that they'd get feral, but they still love to be scooped up and loved on.
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