Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pea Saga : We visit the doctor

This is a continuation of a story from yesterday. If you haven't read Part 1 of the Pea Saga, take a moment and read it before continuing...

When he wakes, I check for the offending vegetable and sure enough there it is mocking us. I wonder for the hundreth time, "Such a tiny thing, what is the harm?" We go to our appointment. Our FNP greets us with a smile and lays out her tricks of the trade: nose flush, nose tweezers, and a nose syringe. First she tries the tweezers, then flush which only pushed out snot, and finally the syringe only made him cry.

She tells us our next stop is an ENT (Ears, Nose, and Throat) doctor just down the road.

After far too much paperwork for a tiny pea we see the doctor.

Apparently he doesn't work pediatrics, ever. He comes in with a scary smile and a flipped up mirror headband. Stomper almost lost it right there. He is terrified of people in masks, even people he knows. I managed to advert disaster with my Mommy ninja skills and a ready and waiting "Froggie".

I sit in the captains chair and hold Stomper in my lap. The doctor took a look and said to me, "We have two choices. I can take it out now, but you'll have to hold him. Or we can wait until Monday and put him under anesthesia."

"Let's do it now."

"You'll have to hold him still, do you think you can do that?"

I am a Mommy ninja, "I can hold him."

The doctor rifles through his drawers digging through devices from the middle-ages used to torture inmates and traitors. Calmly I tell Stomper, who is watching rigidly, "Those are the doctors tools. Like Papa's tools."

The doctor lays out three things; two are slender with little graspers on the end and one looks like a pair of scissors. I feel a little frightened that those are going up my baby's nose. I can do this. I am an octopus. I am an octopus ninja with the strength of two elephants. I can keep my baby safe.

I hold my son whispering encouragement and brave words in his ears. He screams. I stay calm. It is now the doctors turn to be a ninja. The third try and Stompers nose is pea free! The tears stop almost immediately and the doctor allows Stomper to play with the chair: up, down, up, down.

That was last Thursday.

On Sunday we ended our week-end with a call to poison control after Stomper found Grandma's purse and a small bottle of eye glass cleaner.

Guess he's just one of those kids ...


  1. I was anxiously awaiting part II, because I know from experience what can happen! We have a Cheerio story from when my son was that age. I thought the same thing, it's just a cheerio! But apparently it can get into their lungs and it can be fatal! What!?!? Is the #1 cause of death for toddlers Cheerio injuries and none of us are aware of this? It's never fun when the doc says "hold him still". You did good, Mama! I think we're both about to get a big snow (we're in CT)... enjoy and be safe!

    1. I asked the doc what the danger was and he said infection. We are very excited for snow, we can see the ground in parts up here! It's not right!

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