Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yarn Along: Startitus Thwarted

One look at my projects on Rav and you can see that I had a bit of startitus over the last few days. I have a bunch of beautiful yarn calling my name and I've been itching to use it, but on what? I've been searching the last week for what to knit next. I took a look in my Year of Projects page to remind myself of my goals and so the three projects I "started" on Rav are all reflections of that list. Did I start them? No. What I really want to knit with is the bright Knit Picks yarn (from the turtles and the mittens) but I have no idea how much I have left. If only I had a scale that measured a small enough weight ...

I digress, this is supposed to be a Yarn Along post, so what have I actually started? Because even though I say I started the projects on Rav, I haven't, only in my mind. What I have actually knitted on is the second sock of a pair of green ones from Christmas for the hubs and Stompers Easter Vest.

I know I sing praises of my husband quite often here, but I really do have the best man on the planet. I sent him to my LYS with a list and some money. The list: Berroco Vintage Worsted in light grey, light blue, or light green, check the dye lots, and ask her to cake the yarn. A few minutes after I sent him out the door I received a call: "Honey, they don't have the right color. I-um---here, talk to the lady." The phone was shuffled and I hear, "Hello Delia, it's Sherri, this is what we have..." She and I sorted out a few details and he came home after work with the right yarn, caked, and ready to go. How I love him. 

I've only cast on the swatch to the vest but I am excited to get started. This pattern has been in my queue for a year or more. I may go blind reading the chart, but I'm afraid to make it much bigger and risk legibility. 

I have been reading. I have been studying the aforementioned pattern and reading several fiction books. I am mostly through with #6 of A Series of Unfortunate Events and just started #10 of The Rangers Apprentice. My music teacher had a saying, "If you are going to mess up, do it in the beginning of your recital, but always end on the right notes. That's all the audience will remember." Well, this last book, I'm not impressed. I will solider on, because I have faith in the author. And after all I almost didn't read it because I didn't like the rhythm of the first one.

Joining Ginny and the gang of readers and knitters! 
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