Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentines Count Down: Days 1-6

Mimi made Stomper a Valentines count down. I think she found all the ideas on pinterest. ..what did we ever do before pinterest?

Every day he opens a new small gift.

Day One: You are a Kool Kid. 
He opened three Kool-aid pouches and a juice box holder.

Day Two: We are nuts about you
He opened a small package of cashews

Day Three: You light up our life

He opened a small flashlight 
Day Four: We are lucky to have you as a Grandson
He opened a single serving bowl of Lucky Charms 

Day Five: You are a little nutty
He opened a peanutbutter cookies

Day Six: We are glad you Became part of our family
He opened a bee shaped plate, "poon", and "cork"


  1. Oh so cute! I can't for the life of me figure out what the heck pinterest is, but I'm glad to see someone is getting something good out of it!

  2. the best ways to describe pinterest is 1) an on-line peg board of everything you find interesting and 2) an easier way to find links, posts, blogs, photos that you like rather than using your bookmarks tab least that is the way I use it!


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