Friday, May 6, 2011


This afternoon while Owen slumbered peacefully in his bed I went outside to murderously uproot a family of green growing things transfer some plants from one spot in front of my house to another spot. Part of the issue is some of them are growing where I can't see them and they are really pretty and the other issue was some of them were growing under the house.

I added some bricks around the garden to differentiate what is lawn/driveway and what is garden.  It's lopsided and uneven, but I like it!

While I was out killing the plants transferring what I think are tulips and lilys I realized I need a few things.

Something to hide the dirt and kill off some grass

Some of that dark stuff to grow pretty stuff in

A leaf transportation vehicle and a leaf gathering apparatus 

A manicure on a daily basis or something to protect my digits

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