Monday, May 23, 2011

Can Share

about half of last years relish

I ran into this idea via MommyCoddle on Twitter. It was actually on (in?) a web page she shared as a link. She called it a Jam, Jelly, & Preseve Swap but many of the presevers I know also freeze, because it is cheaper and faster so I am going to call it Can Share.

The reason that I want to do this, is that last year I made gallons of green tomato relish not realizing how much I was really making, and I still have tons of it. It would have been nice to have gone to a swap or share and "off loaded" my relish. Also, I'm not much of a jam or jelly maker.

One year when I was a pre-teen I made a batch of grape jelly from the wild (well, uncultivated) grapes that grew at our house. I remember not having much fun, but feeling proud of my accomplishment. I don't recall my Mom helping she told me it was MY project and I was more than capable of doing it myself. The other reason that I don't make jam or jelly is that it is so easy to buy that stuff at the store and so much work to get the berries from the bush to the kitchen (picture me fending off my husband and son from eating such yummy goodies).

I know what you are thinking: "Really Delia, you are afraid of jam? You who made how many gallons of relish?"

Yes, well, the tomatoes were right outside my door and the other ingredients a very short drive to the store so it didn't feel so much like work.

I am going to open our swap to anything you have preserved in 2011 including but not limited to:

other berries
summer squash

The rules:
1) Whatever you share needs to be packaged and ready to be tossed back into the freezer or put on the shelf.
2) Bring 10-12 of each item you wish to swap with (10 jars of jam, 10 gallon bags of pears) PLUS one to open for tasting --if you item is frozen please prepare a thawed batch for tasting
3) If your item is unique or not usually preserved (I am thinking of my Mom's frozen pears) please type or neatly write a recipie on how to use it
4) Label your items with your name, what the item is, and what month and year it was preserved
5) And this one is obvious --preserve with care we don't want anyone sick!

I hope to plan the swap for mid-September or mid-October depending on how well the canning goes. I think for the swap I will bring something pickled and maybe something sweet or frozen? Not sure yet I have tons of time to think and dream.

This is what I hope to preserve this fall some canned some frozen:

pickled beets
relish (maybe)
apple butter
pear butter ?
pear sauce (frzn)
apple sauce (frzn)
tomato sauce (frzn)
shredded zuccini (frzn)
shredded summer squash (frzn)
berries (frzn)
sugar snap peas (frzn)
rhubarb (frzn)
(frzn) = frozen

Also in addition to my own small stash of relish I am making gallons for my cousin, yes gallons. I sent him a quart of relish about a month ago. I saw him at a wedding reception this past week-end:

cousin: "That relish you made tasted just like Grandmas."
me: "Good. It is her recipie, I'm glad you like it."
cousin: "Can you make me more this summer? I'll pay you."
me: "I still have a some you can have it."
cousin: "Well, I want a lot of it."
me: "How much is a lot?"
cousin: "Well, I could eat a jar a week." --I'm not sure if he meant a quart or a pint a week
me: "I'll plant more tomatoes just for you."
my husband: "How about you buy two things of jars one for us and one for you?"
cousin: "Sounds good."

I cannot wait to see some growth in the garden!

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