Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Maple Contest

The winner from the Advent Contest, rather belatedly, is Jen! She said: "..I would cut off the bottom with the pockets, maybe crochet and edge on the tops of the pocket to spruce up the ends. you could also try to remove the green tree and sow it and the pocket piece back on a new back..."  Thank you to both Jen and CrazyMom9 for your consideration and encouragement.

I am excited to announce a new contest to introduce our families new adventure!

My parents "bought the remains of the Webb Farm which included 15 acres of woods, swamp, mud pond, two pear trees, various maple trees, some medium bush blueberries and more lawn than they wished to mow. They were unsure how to proceed next so adopted a rabbit, a horse, two ducks (now since deceased), several cats, a few pet rodents, and the family dog. Even with the horse eating up the lawn they felt there still was too much to mow. They started a garden and wound up with more pumpkins then they could manage. Now though they could see how having a family farm could be good for the wallet. If they could grow enough to cut their food bill in half, it would be more than worth it." (taken from their farm blog) and so a new farm sprung up where there once was not. 

We are all very excited to be starting this adventure. I am keeping all my farm/chicken/garden posts that do not pertain to me directly off my own blog. Since I manage the other blog as well I'll try and keep my farm excitment over there.

I never was a barn animal person. Once as a girl scout we spent the night at a farm that was run like it was run at the end of the 1800's. To call it rustic would be to call the sun a little warm. I hated it. I don't like the smell of barns, the largeness of cows and horses (even my sisters "dog" Rusty), and feeding/mucking/maintaining barn creatures. Then in the last year I got to reading this blog, and this one, and this one, and recently this one, and I thought to myself, "Delia, you can do this." I am excited for chickens, I even scoured the books at the store to find a good one on chickens that could teach me something. I am even willing to check a chickens icky "vent" from time to time.

It is interesting how time alters our perceptions of things. There are many things I said as a young adult that I would never, in a million years, do. I guess I meant a million fly years, because all of them I am now doing: cloth diapers, marry someone younger, have a garden, live with my parents, live where I grew up, and keep farm animals. I wonder what I say I "won't do" now that my older self will laugh at later?

All right, enough jabbering. Here is the contest.

One person will receive one 1/2 pint of pure Maine maple syrup. From the blog: "It is the finest, smoothest, thickest, sweetest, we have ever produced."

To enter the contest check out this post on the farms blog.

Good Luck!


  1. I thought I commented last week, but it's not here. I forgot to mention that if I win I'll pay for shipping! =) (since you probably weren't planning on far away entries, I'm guessing)

    Anyway, I hope you all are doing well up there in the most beautiful state in the country!!

    1. You did, you commented on the farm page. Actually we are hoping for people far away to take notice of our little adventure! No worries about the shipping, but thank you for the offer!


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