Friday, December 14, 2012

Just Breathe

Its a little funny, ok maybe not so funny, that during this time of hectic running around I am reminded every four hours to just sit and breathe.

My asthma has reared its ugly head and looks like it will be here for the foreseeable future. Every four hours my breathing is labored and coughing makes it impossible to do most activities. 

I have an awesome husband. Yesterday morning, as I sat on the couch with the Dragon Machine by my side he looked at me and said: "I'm staying home to take the tree down, you aren't well." Despite his massive head cold he spent the morning yesterday finding every bit of cloth in our rooms and doing laundry. He washed the walls of our bedroom and purchased covers for our mattress and pillows to give me a better sleeping environment.

Our Christmas tree we lovingly brought home is sitting outside forlorn and discarded. Our living-room looks bare and un-festive. 

I didn't cry when I saw our empty living-room. I love Christmas, it's my favorite holiday and the tree is my favorite tradition. For me the tree is a memory. It is a visual reminder of the day we went out and chopped it down. The fun we had together as a family of three. I didn't cry because I know what really matters. Not the tree or decorations, but the God that gave us Christmas and the love we have for each other.

We are what matters most this Christmas. 

Today I printed off some gift tags and the three of us sat around the coffee table coloring. Later in the afternoon I made Christmas treats and the boys painted ornaments. There is no tree or pretty lights, but we have each other and we have our few stolen moments together each day.

Take a moment, look at your loved ones, take a deep breath, and know at the very least you have each other.

Oh, and take a big whiff of your tree for me and tell me how it smells ;)

P.S. I started this post yesterday. Yesterday afternoon Stompers Mimi stopped by with a gift from a co-worker because: "No two year old should go with out a tree for Christmas." I am so thankful, blessed, and floored at this gift. Thank you so much!

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