Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pinned It

I use pinterest, a lot. It is an awesome resource for DIY Projects of which I am recently very fond. I made quite a few things for Christmas using pinterest, but could not share them with you... until now!

1. Mugs: I bought a ceramic pen (DecoArt glass paint marker in black at Michaels for about $4) to ensure staying power of what I wrote. The mugs I found from frequent trips to Goodwill, they were about $.99 a piece. I found cute and annoying sayings on pinterest and wrote them on the mugs.

2. Menu Board: My SIL had this pinned on one of her boards so I thought I ought to make it for her. I printed the menu off using word then had Stomper paint it pink (her favorite color).

 3. Penguin: My SIL has been asking me to knit her one, but my list this year was too long. Thankfully there is more than one way to make a penguin. Since I don't know how to use a sewing machine I stitched it all by hand.

4. I know I saw this art idea on pinterest, I just don't remember by who. You write a word in painters tape, have your munchkin paint over it, and then remove the tape to reveal the word. It didn't come out perfect, but everyone like it.  We did three: Mimi, Love, and Grandma. They came out really cute!

 5. Awhile back Stomper did some painting at daycare on giant pieces of paper. I saved them and cut them into 8x10 squares. At Christmastime I signed his name in the corner with the date and gave them out as presents. He was really pleased when we gave them away at Christmas he kept saying his name and pointing to the art when someone would open them. In these photos you can tell he is sick, he's such a trooper to let me take the photos!!


How about you? Did you make any gifts this year?

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