Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Around Here

The camera batteries died and I refuse to buy more when I know that the charger for them is somewhere in the mess I call my room. So, I have no "proof" of what we've been up to, you'll just have to take my word for it.

I finished a sweater for Stomper's Build-A-Bear puppy he named Charlie. His response: "No like it Mommy. Too little." Which it wasn't, the sweater was actually a little too big. It looks really cute on Charlie, but Stomper doesn't like it. (As I was writing this he came downstairs with Charlie and the sweater and told me that Charlie was cold and asked that I put it on. Made this Mommy very happy)

Finished a sweater for Our Sweetie too. A small shrug for this spring and summer. It's very cute. I don't really like the yarn though. It's knit picks swish and find that the yarn is too stretchy. It doesn't make a firm fabric. I'm trying out Cascade 220 sport weight to see if I like that better.

For Easter I am making Stomper and Our Sweetie Milo vests. His will be blue and hers will be green. I have wanted to make this vest for a long time and I am very excited. I am also going to be starting a test knit soon, not sure how much I will be allowed to tell you about it. The test knit is something for me.

Our Sweetie just keep growing! It's hard to believe that she's five months already! Still no word on how long we will have her. We have been greatly enjoying all the smiles and belly laughs she gives us.

Stomper is a great big brother and wants to help more than he is able. He likes listening to music, dancing, reading, and playing with his new Jake and the Neverland Pirates "Tree House" that he bought with his own money. He had some Christmas money and a piggy bank full of change that he has been collecting off of Jason. When we took it to the bank to have it counted I thought it would be $20.00 or so. Nope. He had over $40.00 saved up (he had been saving for over a year) so he was able to buy the "Tree House" and two packages of friends. He's been playing with it every day for a week, so it was a good purchase for him.
We have a busy week-end ahead of us. We have an open house at the farm and hopefully some sap boiling. Before the open house we are going to get dumped on with about a foot of snow. Should make things interesting. My parents will be picking up a few chicks (assuming they come in to Tractor Supply) to have for the open house. They will be living in our part of the house until the coop is free. Should prove to be interesting.

I've been hit with a cold and/or allergies. Either way I find myself sitting down with my "Dragon" often to receive nebulizer treatments. Which means that I've been reading quite a bit. I just finished off Unsouled. I don't like how the author left the book, it wraps everything up in a bow, but one that could open up a whole new book. I hope he writes another one. As soon as I can get to the library I will be finishing the Maze Runner series. After that I don't know what to read. 

Other than pining for green grass that's what we've been up to.

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