Saturday, February 13, 2010

Foster Care

Awhile ago, back before we had officially started trying a friend of ours said: "You two should consider Foster Care, you'd be great at it." To which my hubby replied: "No, because the first time I had to hand a kid over to their scum bag parent I'd have issues."

I didn't push him on it because I could tell that he had made his mind up and wasn't going to budge on this issue.

Thursday we were in the bank and ran into the same friend who had just finished adoption on her second Foster Child and reiterated her statement to Jason to which Jason replied: "No, because the first time that I saw the scum bag parent in the facility...."

There we are sitting in the bank trying to see if we can get a credit card for 9.9% instead of the one we have now at like 300% ... and the bank lady leaves for a moment and he turns to me and says: "Let's do it. Let's try Foster Care."

Such a turd my hubby.

I was feeling rather hopeless. We don't have the money to go much further then we are with fertility treatments (I'm assuming this I haven't researched it much yet, kind of afraid too), and I just can't take the continuing disappointment without a glimmer of hope! Now I feel relief that if the next two rounds of Clomid don't work then there is an avenue left open to us (in our current price range) to be parents.


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