Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Shrug and a Cow

My Mom requested a shawl or a shrug. Her specifications were: had to come off and on easy, needed to be a neutral color, and it needed to have some sort of sleeve. I wanted to make a more fitted sweater, but that is not what she wanted. The pattern is from my head. I made three shrugs for my brides maids so I decided to wing it. I cast on and got started and then realized that I hadn't cast on enough. Not to worry I finished the ribbed sleeve and then doubled my stitches and increased my needle size and I think I'm doing all right. Time will tell if I am right or not. Tonight I have to rip out a row, I was knitting tired and I jumped ahead in the pattern a little bit.

Jenna's cow is coming a long. I have one whole side done and I'm working on the second side. It is a pain to knit. I have to be so careful what I am doing or I get all mixed up! I am rising to the challenge and I will get this thing knit! I think it it going to look great/

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