Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tirelessly Sleepless

First an appoloy: I cannot show you pictures of our little bundle of joy (henceforth nicknamed Honey Bee). I can assure you that Honey Bee is beautiful, wears a very cute knitted hat that I made her, and constantly melts her Papa's heart with every gaze.

As you can imagine there isn't a lot of sleeping happening around our house these days. Jason took a few days off for paternity leave last week and so for a fleeting moment I received several glorious chunks of time for sleeping. Not so much anymore. Every few days Honey Bee lets me get a partially interrupted night of sleep (by getting up only once in the night) but usually she's up from midnight to 1am and again around 3 to 4 and then Stomper is up by 7, so I sleep/nap/rest in between those times. Please forgive me if you see me and I do not know a) the day, b) the time, c) your name, or d) the last time I ate a meal when it was hot.

During the odd day that I am home all day we snuggle, read books, nap in the chair, eat, poop, and relax together. We try our best to enjoy each other and learn to adapt to sharing our favorite people.Stomper likes to help me burp Honey Bee and has only a few occasions tried to burp her face when Mama wasn't paying attention. Mostly he rubs her head, kisses her head, and burps her on the back. I think, because he gets so much attention from family during the week, he hasn't shown too much jealously. Then again, we've only had Honey Bee for 3 weeks, so that could change.

Honey Bee is growing and I estimate that she is pre-9lbs. She is much smaller than Stomper was at this age and it's a bit of an adjustment. The one good thing about her being a bit smaller is that she is wearing the newborn - 3month clothes longer. I think by this age Stomper was in the 3-6month clothing. I did some Christmas shopping recently and rather enjoyed buying dresses and cute pink things. It is such a shame that Honey Bee is growing and that I am forced to shop for her.

To help ease some of my stress I have hired a very helpful teenager to do some minor housework around the house. She very gracefully and without complaint sweeps up the dog hair, scrubs out the pots, scours the toilets, and gives me what many Mama's need: conversation.

Our families have been helping us out immensely with free babysitting for Stomper while we run Honey Bee to her various appointments. I am able to take both kids and their stuff to places, but it is a bit of a heavy juggle.

Please forgive me if you see me and I do not know a) the day, b) the time, c) your name, or d) the last time I ate a meal when it was hot.


  1. We are fostering a newborn baby girl! :)


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