Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Give Myself Permission

I give myself permission...

To sleep in a bit even after Stomper is up.
To wear pj's until evening when I shower and put new pj's on.
To fall asleep in church, just for a moment (sorry Nate).
To drink large amounts of coffee.
To eat too many PB&J's.
To keep the Weather Channel on so I don't feel alone.
To feel accomplished after knitting a single row.
To not knit some people's Christmas presents and instead knit for my children.
To pay someone to do my dishes and sweep my floors.
To sit and snuggle with one or two of my babies instead of folding laundry or picking up toys.
To not feel like a bad mama when I can't get Honey Bee to stop crying
To enjoy all the pats Stomper gives Honey Bee, even if he's a little zealous, because it means he wants to help and loves her to.
To be thankful all the time for family who willingly and without complaint helps us out.
To nap as often as I can.
To leave the toys and books on the floor.

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