Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving in Maine

Posing for the camera, Ben set the timer, but
didn't make sure that he made it in the picture!
 We have had a wonderful few days. Wednesday Stomper, Honey Bee, and I went to Grandma and Grandfathers house to spend the night. That way when we got up Thanksgiving morning we could watch the parade and pause it as needed (I am so thankful for DVR's!). Just as I thought, Stomper loved all the pre-show singing and dancing. He danced with the performers, but lost insterst when the parade balloons came through. We had a tastey meal made by my mother before popping by Jason's aunts house to see the greats.

Grandfather thought Stomper would look more
studious with glasses
Then, on Friday, Mimi picked Honey Bee and I up in the morning to do some Black Friday Christmas shopping. Stomper got to stay behind this year and spend the week-end with Grandma while Papa went hunting. We went to South Portland to visit Target, AC Moore, and of course the mall. We stayed at the Wyndam Motel (something I won't do again- don't let their nice looking rooms lure you in). 

We did take a quick dip in their dark and imposing pool area, that was visible from the bar adding a delightful creep factor, and, despite all the negatives was relaxing. I also thought that in addition to having a pleasant pool area that at $110 a night we'd get to use hot tub at the pool area (there was none), free breakfast, and complimentary mini-fridge. 

On Saturday, after finishing up our South Portland shopping, we went to Old Port to participate in small business Saturday. I wrongfully assumed that there would be sales, but I did do my part and bought something from a small business. We did get to sample some cupcakes at a small bake shop. I had one that tasted like a peanut butter and fluff sandwich, Jenna had a coconut one, and my MIL had a peppermint patty cup cake. We went to out for Mexican food and the family surprised me with fried ice cream and a round of "Happy Birthday".

When we finally made it home again Jason had prepared me a donut Birthday cake (wish I had taken a photo but I didn't) and another round of Happy Birthday.


As you can see from the photos we have snow. It seems that the new weather pattern is to have a snow storm right before a major holiday (we had another one right before Halloween). Stomper and Grandma went out in the snow to play on the slide. It was nice and warm so his shoe-less foot is not cold. 

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