Thursday, December 1, 2011

Expectant Friends

Dear Karolyne and Charlene,

I would like to knit you something for your upcoming bundles of pooping, crying, and not sleeping joy.

What would you prefer?

You may choose, color, type of fiber and size. Here are your options:

Hat, mittens, and booties (not the booties shown here)

Bunny or bear (bear not shown).

Turtle rattle for the stroller

Coming Home Set

Rocket Power (makes a noise when you shake it) 

Flannel Hunters Hat


Thumb Sucking Mitts

Little Lamb

Sweater Set (booties, sweater, and hat)

Let me know what you decide so that I can look for good deals on yarn!

Sincerely Your Knitting Friend,


  1. Awwww, thank you! Well, Jonathan and I like the turtle, the rocket, and the sneakers, so pick one and surprise us! :D If the rocket or the sneakers, dark blue and light brown; if the turtle, two different shades of green.

    Thanks again! :D

  2. Sorry to take so long- I've been waiting to get Nate's opinion, but he doesn't really have one! The lamb and the bears I've seen you make are super-cute. Take your pick!


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