Saturday, December 3, 2011

Week Ending

Stomper, Honey Bee, and I have tried to keep things low-key over the past 36 hours. Mainly due to a very goopy nose and a cranky disposition from a certain little boy, which reminded me that we haven't been home much since the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Between the holiday, shopping, church, Honey Bee's visits, other appointments, and visiting grandparents we've only been home to sleep it seems. We were due for a day in. Unfortunately Honey Bee had an appointment to get a shot update on Friday, and so I called my gracious sister-in-law (who I woke up from her slumber) to see if she could come over and spend time with Stomper while I ran out with Honey Bee. I made the right decision. He took three 1 hour naps yesterday and still went to bed on time and slept for 12 hours, poor baby!

New Shoes, Pizza a Plenty, Freezer Finder
Because it was Friday I felt the need to make pizza. I probably should have bought frozen pizza, but I wanted too many flavors. I wound up with a total of 6 little pizza's. I bought frozen bread dough loaves, thawed and raised 3 of them, cut them in half, stretched them, and then covered them in delightful toppings: dill pickles, pepperoni, chicken, Alfredo, pork, onions, BBQ Sauce, tomato sauce that I made, peppers, and zucchini. They are so very yummy! The best part is that there are plenty of leftovers for breakfasts this week-end.

Honey Bee and I have settled into a minor nighttime routine. She tanks up before bed and eats 2-3 4 ounce bottles from 6pm to 10pm then falls asleep somewhere near 9pm and sleeps to somewhere near 3am. Then she's up again around 6 for snuggles and a snackleral before sleeping like a log for a few hours. Of course, now that I have told you this she will change her mind. On morning when Jason doesn't go to work he gets up with her the second time and I get to sleep in until 9 or so.

On Stomper's adoption front, things are progressing and it looks like everything will be buttoned up by late December or early January. There were some miss-communication or lack of communication all together between DHHS, the courts, and our lawyer which is why things are taking so long. Hopefully in a months time this ordeal will be all behind us.

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