Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lego My Cake

Elle turned Eight! 
She requested a Lego cake so I went to my usual source of inspiration: pinterest. You can check out the different Lego cakes I found on my Kids Stuff Board. The following three cakes were my inspiration: Lego Brick Birthday Cake, Easy Lego Brick Cake, Building Blocks Cake, and Walmart's lack of availability of bricks because I really wanted to make a cake that looked like a Cake Construction Site

Even though it didn't come out exactly like I wanted I still think it came out just fine. She was thrilled when I revealed it to her, so I guess I did all right.

To make your own you will need:
  • 2 boxes of cake mix
  • 2-4 loaf pans (I cooked mine 2 loaves at time)
  • 1 small pyrex glass bowl
  • Happy Birthday! candles
  • Lego people (mine are from the Lego Movie)
  • Duplo's to make a tower
  • regular sized marshmallows
  • Frosting (I use a crisco frosting, because it is white and easier to frost)
  • food coloring (if you use Wilton brand your colors will be brighter)
  • wax paper
  1. Mix cake according to directions. Divide batter between two loaf pans. I baked mine for 40 mins or more. I inserted a knife in the middle .. which made it fall flat of course ..and when it came out clean it was done.
  2. For the second box first fill your pyrex dish half way with batter and then divide between to loaf pans
  3. Make frosting and color it.
  4. When frosting your Legos frost the side that is going to touch the other side of the other Lego first. Then there is a clear separation. Slide pieces of wax paper underneath the edge just a little bit so that your colors don't mix. You may need a sharp knife to cut the edge of the frosting so that it will pull away cleanly.
  5. One loaf you are going to cut in half. I suggest using a skim coat on the raw side and waiting until it dries (or nearly) and then frost it. I put my cut sides in so that they couldn't be seen.
  6. Make the Lego nubs. Cut a marshmallow in half. I found it easiest to hold the marshmallow between my fingers and frost the sides first. Then I put it down on the cake. I smoothed out the top as best as I could and then made an "L" on the top.
  7. A tip from my aunt. A cold and wet knife will smooth out the frosting rather nicely.

That's it. It's time consuming, but that look of joy is so worth it!

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