Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Photos taken from our Fall Getaway 2014

God's timing is perfect.

Of course it is. Why do I always forget this?

As a teenager I wanted my children to be spaced pretty close together, no further than three years was my goal. And I wanted an even dozen, which was whittled down to ten, then six, and finally my perfect number of kids: four.

This past summer, after a lot of prayer and not "hearing" a no from God, we started the journey to becoming pregnant. At the time we were in the middle of Our Sweeties time with us and we were still uncertain f we would be able to adopt her. 

I did not ask God to bless our choice. Instead I prayed, "God, if you want this to happen, then let it happen. If not, then I know you will make another way to increase our family size."

In the meantime I continued to fill out the paper work to become Foster Parents officially and renew/update our license (it had lapsed since we moved). 

Sometime around September I received a call from a case worker about coming to the house to inspect it. I asked if we could still have a license with the daycare in the home. The case worker had to double check and I was told I would get a call back.

November we received word that Our Sweetie would be reunited with her Birth Family. She went to live with them permanently December 1st.

December 4th I took a pregnancy and I was pregnant!

Mid-December I got a call back from a case worker (a new one) to say he was coming to inspect us in January. I asked, again, about the daycare and he said he'd check and call back.

Mid-January the case worker called back and said that we couldn't be licensed because a home could not have dual licenses. 

What does this have to do with God's timing?

When I got the "all clear" from God to try again He knew that Our Sweetie wouldn't be with us forever and that taking Foster Children into our home was not a viable option. He knew that for a while increase our family size would have to happen through "conventional" avenues. He even took into account that I don't want large spans of time between my children and allowed me to get pregnant before we fully understood the obstacles before us. 

He keeps showing me over and over again that He listens to the desires of my heart. Granted Stomper and the Baby aren't as close in age as I would have liked, but our family size is increasing!

Thank you Father for all the little and major 
ways that You continue to show me how 
much You love me!

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